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Late 2001 a group of experienced professionals from varied backgrounds came together as a “leadership team”.

With each of the 5 individuals possessing a multitude of strengths that appeared to be exactly what the organization needed, we found in a very short period of time that we did not have a clear vision and we lacked the communication skills to manage the conflict that developed. The organization began to flounder when those who were leading were at odds.

We were fortunate when a colleague recommended that we engage in professional coaching with Rich Maxwell of Maxwell & Associates. Although a challenging journey, the end result included significant improvement in communication, a vision for the organization and the ability to establish and manage healthy conflict. We “graduated” approximately 4 years ago and have sustained the gains from our active involvement with Rich. Rich’s legacy lives on in our organization and is reflected in the following comment: “If it wasn’t for Rich, we might not be here today.”

Laurel Highlands Advanced Imaging, Johnstown, PA
November 1, 2010

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