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A teleclass is a virtual seminar where you place a phone call from the convenience of your home or office connecting you with participants in the class whether they are from your team or organization, or are from anywhere in the world! Teleclasses are designed to create a supportive environment where the participants can tap into "the wisdom of the group" to meet challenges and share common interests. Rather than just listening to the teleclass leader, you benefit from the entire group's experience. And to conduct a teleclass all you need is a telephone to participate in this exciting and cost effective way to connect and to learn!

Maxwell & Associates will custom design a teleclass to meet the needs of your team or organization. In addition, we offer a class in Strategizing and Problem Solving which teaches the participants a means of both conceptualizing the issues and then focusing on the source of the problem as well as the solution and action plan needed to resolve the issue.

To learn more about this program and its applicability to your situation call Rich Maxwell at 843-768-2227 or contact Rich via email.
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