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Performance Coaching

Supporting executives and managers in the performance of their jobs

The Performance Plus coaching program focuses on a specific executive or manager with the aim of improving overall performance.  This includes and exhaustive review and assessment of the current situation, followed by a set of recommended actions.  With the recommendations in hand, the coaching client will work with a Coach on a regular basis to put those recommendations into action, allowing learning, behavioral changes, and new action to occur simultaneously.

This is an integral process utilizing the Coach to support, develop, and challenge the coaching client into actual enhanced performance and results.

The process followed generally follows these steps (though the actual process will be customized to the unique circumstance presented):

  • Pre-assessment conference: Held between the Coach, the coaching client’s boss, and the coaching client.  The objective here is to identify key issues and agree on the exact process to be used.
  • Assessments: Depending on the circumstances some combination of assessment tools will be employed.  These can include face-to-face 360° reviews, as well as behavioral, motivational, and leadership styles assessments (i.e., TTI Success Insights™ Management – Staff Version, a DISC behavioral style profile, Workplace Motivators™, and the Leadership WorkStyles™ 360 assessment)
  • Post-assessment Report: Results of the face-to-face 360° (if conducted) are presented in a comprehensive report to the coaching client and his or her boss by the Coach.  Other assessment tools (TTI Success Insights™ Management – Staff Version, Workplace Motivators™, and the Leadership WorkStyles™ 360 assessment) are reviewed with the coaching client in private and then shared in summary format with the boss.
  • Goal Setting: The coaching client, his or her boss and the Coach then discuss and agree on specific goals for the coaching.
  • Action Phase: The coaching client and the Coach work together on a regular basis (usually 3 forty-five minute coaching session each month) in pursuit of the agreed upon goals.  “Work shadowing” can be employed in some cases to allow for “real time” coaching to occur.

To learn more about this program and it applicability to your situation call Rich Maxwell at 843-768-2227 or contact Rich via email.

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