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The Next Step Coaching Program

Executive and Manager On-boarding

The Next Step Coaching Program is a management training, coaching and development program designed for executives or managers new to a position, whether moving up the ladder at their current organization or moving into a new position at another organization. Promotions usually call for the use of higher order skills and techniques, and this program helps identify what is needed and then supports the development of those new skills.

Utilizing the services of an experienced executive coach, the client is coached weekly to develop and enhance new skills, appropriate behaviors and actions required by the new role.

Although the actual program will be customized to the needs of each client, the process generally follows these steps:
  • Client Assessment: The TTI Success InsightsT Management - Staff Version (a DISC behavioral style profile) and the Workplace MotivatorsT are administered to establish a strong starting point for discussion about management styles and motivations.
  • Job Assessment: In concert with the coaching client's boss, the coaching client and the Coach will identify specific skills and competencies required to ensure the success of the new executive/manager.
  • Assessment Results and Goal Setting: The Coach will discuss the assessment results with the coaching client and his or her boss. With this information in hand, goals for the coaching will be set.
  • Action Phase: The coaching client and the Coach work together on a regularly basis (usually weekly) in pursuit of the agreed upon goals. "Work shadowing" (where the coach spends time with the client in the workplace, shadowing her or him throughout the day) can be employed in some cases to allow for "real time" coaching to occur.

To learn more about this program and its applicability to your situation call Rich Maxwell at 843-768-2227 or contact Rich via email.
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