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The Leadership WorkStyles™ 360 Instrument

The Leadership WorkStyles™ 360 (LWS) offers self-motivated leaders a personal styles assessment, with feedback from self and others.  It is a personalized report based on the input of the leader and those selected to provide feedback to the leader.  The detail and accuracy of the reports leads to acceptance and commitment which, in turn, facilitates the development of the leader in concert with an executive coach.

LWS survey results are analyzed to develop standardized scores for the leader along 12 pre-defined, research-based styles.  Profiles based on self-reports and descriptions by others are generated to graphically illustrate the leader’s behavior along such styles as Self-Actualization, Approval, Competitive, and Power.

LWS draws on a large database of information about how leaders with particular combinations of styles tend to behave in a variety of management situations.  This information is used to generate a detailed feedback report that describes the relative effectiveness or ineffectiveness of these patterns of behavior.

The feedback report, averaging about 25 pages, is professional in content and presentation.  Feedback is provided on both self and others’ results, and the latter can be broken down by peers, direct reports, and boss.

To view a sample LWS report click here

To learn more about this program and its applicability to your situation call Rich Maxwell at 843-768-2227 or contact Rich via email.
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