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Accelerating Leadership Growth and Development

Interview with Executive Coach Rich Maxwell

Through organization specific, person or team specific, focused, performance related coaching, Maxwell & Associates will support your leaders in becoming better decision makers, enhancing the performance of their team, improving their productivity, and raising the level of employee satisfaction.

At Maxwell & Associates we believe that great vision without great people is irrelevant. No matter how great you believe your product or service is, without strong leaders you won't be a great company. Executive coaching is a primary means of accelerating the growth of your leaders. Through an offering of services thoughtfully applied to the client's particular circumstances, Maxwell & Associates seeks to help clients develop the best leaders possible.

We offer services such as executive coaching for both individuals and teams. Team building and team development are focal points for our work. Using assessments (DISC, Workplace Motivators™, and the Leadership WorkStyles™ 360) we can aid you in making better employee selection decisions, providing executive and manager on-boarding, enhance your own performance and that of your team as well. And with innovative techniques, such as teleclasses, we can bring management development workshops and seminars to you at a fraction of the cost of sending people off to such events. Prefer a workshop, executive retreat, or seminar with the presenter present in-person rather than by teleconference? We can meet your needs there as well with facilitation services and with customized workshops and seminars. Give us a call and let's talk about what you and your organization need.


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